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The Dream

Romantikhóme is a concept, a state of mind that finally took shape.

How all started

Years ago the two sisters were visiting Paris, the dream city that inspired their project. While they were served some delicious food on a lovely table laid with posh handworked napkins they knew the soft linens would have made their mother happy so they tried to purchase a set of handmade linen products.
To their surprise they did not find any!
And here the story begins...

What is all about?

Founded in 2017, Romantikhóme is a concept of luxury European linen products handworked by women that have inherited the technique generation after generation. Strongly influenced by the French and Irish vintage, the style melts with the romanticism and minimalism that best describes the two sisters, to create a new unique concept of beauty. Romantikhóme is meant for a generation of nostalgics, minimalists and ‘’romantiques’’ who love the preciousness of a piece of handmade art. Through this project, we are committed to empower local communities of women and give life to the ‘’belle epoque’’ of our generation.

What’s next?

As the project has just been launched we will not tell you more for the moment but we will ask you to check this section for the soon to come updates.